Validus Leadership Team

Senior Leadership

Kevin Lester

Chief Executive Officer

Haakon Blakstad

Chief Commercial Officer

Marc Cogliatti

Head of Capital Markets - EMEA

Bryan Cohen

Head of US Client Coverage

Matilde Espregueira

Head of Marketing

Ali Jaffari

Head of North American Capital Markets

Kambiz Kazemi

Chief Investment Officer

Liz McNally

Director of Client Operations

Kate Norrie

Head of Human Resources

Shane O’Neill

Head of Interest Rate Trading

Georgios Roumeliotis

Head of Quantitative Analytics

Nirvani Sookdeo

Head of European Risk Advisory

David Steiner

Head of Technology

Jeremy Wang

Chief Product Officer

Ashley Young

Head of Finance and Operations

Alain Smith

Head of UK Client Engagement

Gianluca Lorenzon

Head Of Fund Finance Advisory